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What's Your Vision?
Mike Fedel

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About Us

Do you feel like you're heading in the right direction? With your life, your job, your relationships, and most of all, with yourself? I believe each of us has a specific contribution to make to the world and the more closely we align ourselves to that purpose, the better we will be, the more we will enjoy our lives, and the more we can bring to those around us. 

This network is primarily (but not exclusively) for people whose lives are challenged by ADHD - either our own or our partner's. I've lived with ADHD my whole life and experienced the strengths and challenges that it brings. 

My training as an ADHD Coach has given me tools I'd like to share with you to help understand and manage your ADHD. My training in Philosophy and Religious Studies has given me a toolkit for exploring how to find your own sense of meaning and purpose.

We'll support each other, learn from experts, and share what's worked for us as we all move forward together.

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